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Ok, I still can't be bothered to write an Infest write-up, so I'll do about 10% of what I'd usually do: it was fun. And stuff.

- Ian is a total psycho. Actually, his personality is quite close to James Fury's in lots of ways. Very nice insane person, though. It was cool spending time with him. His girlfriend is extremely sweet and likes 80's synthpop, so she was very good company :)
- Sometimes fate is way too ironic: I was sitting with a few friends and I saw this guy, and I thought "wow, that is seriously the ugliest cute person I've ever seen". You know, in the way that he had way too much bad make-up, badly backcombed/messed hair, crap coloured contact-lenses, etc. Actually, he reminded me too much of my first 2 boyfriends, well, when they were utterly drunk and looked dead. In the bad way. So I thought it was utterly ironic that this is the guy that decides to seriously come on to me. And he was really sweet and all, but, like, *way* too young. I don't usually mind young people, I mean, I've seriously fallen for someone just 2 years older than him, but, when a person doesn't know what the word "monogamy" means (not even mentioning polyamoury), that's just scary. I really felt sad, 'cause he looked like such a misguided youth. Too sweet. P.S.: if you're reading this, I probably mean someone else. *g*
- Some cybery clothes are actually quite nice. Like, I don't like all the stuff that looks bulky, but there were lots of pretty glittery shiny things to stare at. Guys with huge platforms are sexy.
- I hate it when people have the wrong shoes. I mean, this one guy, he was hilarious, he was so traddy, it was incredible, like really really too much. I mean, he had the whole image going for him, but the shoes were just wrong. they didn't fit everything else. I mean, total disappointment, if you're going to try looking ridiculously pretentious, you might as well do it right.
- Met Ronan from VNV for a few minutes, me proceeded to instantly tell me about what "Forsaken" meant. Interesting, most artists hate talking about their own music.

Thank yous: First of all a huge thank you to Ian for letting me crash at his place. :) Thank you to Lars for being a nice squishy cuddly bear just when I needed one, and just being a great friend overall; Aidan for helping to save me from the scary teenage boy; Clare for being a lovely shopping partner; David for lending me his hoodie and being a nice cuddling/pure-maths-conversation partner; Nick for lending me his jacket; Andy for being fantastic company on Sunday night and walking me to the coach station; French girl with purple hair whose name I keep forgetting for singing Yellow Submarine with me; Southampton goths for being nice company on Thursday; Sheff goths for being nice company on Sunday night, not poisoning me with the scary green drink and discussing the true meaning of purple with me; Stuart aka random person in corridor for lending me his arms to play with, etc.

Now I caught my plane, and have been in Copenhagen for over 24 hours, but still I feel dead, I feel like sleeping for the next week. Actually I was supposed to go into uni today for some kind of intro-stuff. Oh well. I've realized 2 important things that I want to mention:
- I was never sure why I liked pretentious people. I mean, I know they're irritating and all, but somehow I'm attracted to them, and now I think I know why. Pretentious people pretend to be strong, powerful, dominant, etc. I'm naturally submissive, so anyone pretending to do this makes me feel like obeying them. It doesn't matter to me whether they're actually stong, it's more the image that attracts me. This is more in-love-ness and lust. For a relationship I need someone who pretends to be weak, so I can order them around, but who in reality is much stronger (otherwise I'd lose my respect for them) than me. Luckily, Ittai is exactly one of those people.

- It was our 6th monthiversary on Tuesday night. We've known each other for exactly 10 months, and we've been dating for exactly half a year. Married for just over 3 months. I feel so great. I'm just thinking back to Daniel, the only other longterm relationship I ever had (that wasn't just all in my head), by 6 months we were seriously arguing the whole time, and irritating each other all the time. It's so weird to think that me and Ittai are just getting closer and closer. This truly feels better with every day that comes. Now, yes, I still have lots of icky monogamy thoughts infecting me, so I can't actually pull anyone ('cause everyone's either too ugly, unavailable or they remind me too much of someone else), but I'm sure this will go away with time. For now, I'm just really looking forward to the future. I feel so happy, and I can't wait for Ittai to move here.
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